Who doesn’t love leafy green vegetables?

Okay, maybe your kids, but we all know vegetables are great for mind, body and soul. At Wheeler Gardens we supply fresh produce ranging from sweet corn to tomatoes, and even sell seeds so you can grow your own vegetables!

The Benefits of Growing Vegetables

  • Free from pesticides and toxic additives: When you grow your own vegetables, you can avoid toxic chemicals. Furthermore, growers often pump vegetables with additives to keep them fresh longer so they are still good when they reach the grocery store. When you grow your own vegetables, you can skip these steps.
  • Taste and nutrition: Nobody can argue that home-grown vegetables taste much better than their store-bought relatives; there is a freshness that comes with home-grown vegetables that can be difficult to find anywhere else. Furthermore, the vegetables you grow at home are often much better for you nutrition-wise than the ones you buy at the store.
  • Quality relaxing time: Gardening is something that can be done with friends and family. Work on planting and harvesting your vegetables with your loved ones, and you will certainly enjoy the quality bonding time. Additionally, spending time in the garden can be therapeutic and help relieve stress
  • Save money: Purchasing seeds from Wheelers Garden and planting your own vegetables can save you money. It cuts down on the produce you are buying at the store and can lower your monthly grocery bill. Who doesn’t like saving money?

At Wheeler Gardens we are more than happy to help you with your vegetable needs. We can supply fresh, organic produce at fair cost or provide the seeds for you to grow the vegetables yourself. We have two locations serving the Missouri area, and we are open Monday through Friday, as well as some weekends. Give us a call at (417)-890-5733, or stop by today!