20 November



Are you planning a celebration for something special, like a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or retirement? Let the staff at Wheeler Gardens & Florists help make your party even more unique with the addition of freshly cut floral bouquets and/or arrangements. Celebrating amidst all the beautiful blooms we’ll provide for your gathering will help make your party an event both you and your guests are sure to remember for many years to come.

Lively and vibrant fresh cut blooms can add a splash of color and excitement to any celebration. Depending on the occasion, we can handcraft simple bouquets in vases or create more formal, elaborate arrangements such as table centerpieces and wreaths. If celebrating a graduation, our displays can be made using the school colors. We can also create beautiful displays for wedding showers. These can be simple and highlight a bride and/or groom’s favorite flowers. They can also preview the wedding colors, if these have already been chosen.

We can also make floral arrangements for baby showers that are all pink to celebrate a girl or all blue to celebrate a boy. Mixed arrangements in a variety of colors are fun decorations if you want to keep the sex of the baby a surprise. Simple corsages are also popular for expectant mothers at baby showers. Baskets and bouquets of colorful flowers can also be a great gift to send to the hospital to celebrate a baby’s birth. You can choose from our unique vases or provide one of your own.

In addition to fresh flower displays for your celebration, we also offer a variety of unique gifts at our Ozark location, which is open year round. Contact us today to see how we can help you make your celebration truly one of a kind. Our friendly and helpful staff members are ready to help you imagine the possibilities for adding flowers to your party.